Cathelijne van den Bercken

Best of Holland 2007

skaten: Enkhuizen, Medemblik, Texel, Afsluitdijk, Makkum, Stavoren, Heeg, Enkhuizen

16 july – 20 july 2007

Skating Texel & Friesland



Cycling Texel



Sailing Waddenzee & IJsselmeer



recipes of the 3-course diners

prepared by Cathy’s Discoveries


carrot orange soup

basil pasta salad with half sundried tomatoes

to die for chocolate cake



Tom yam (Thai coconut soup)

Yellow curry with fish or chicken

Yoghurt with fresh mango and rhaspberry jam



Asian tomatosoup with cilantro

Saté Ayam (marinated chicken sticks from the barbeque) with peanut sauce

Javanese style gado gado (mixed vegetables) with kerupuk, seroendeng, emping and fried onions

apple crumble



Garden pea soup with pancetta and mint

Moroccan chick pea stew with courgette

Turkish creamy yoghurt with honey and walnuts


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